3 Mosquiteers

In the year of 2015 alone there were more than 6 million registered cases of people infected with the Malária virus in Mozambique, being the main victims pregnant women and kids with less than 5 years old. Malária continues to be the number one cause of children deaths in this country.

With these facts the, the NGO “A Little Gesture” volunteers Virgínia Coutinho and Pedro Lobo decided to take actions and criteria the project “The 3 Mosquiteers”, with the main goal of raising money to buy and distribute themselves with at least 1000 mosquito nets in the Gaza province where they are staying.

For only 8€ you'll be contributing with 3 mosquito nets to one or more families.

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We Count With Your Big Help!

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* photos of the distribution will be sent to all those that contribute.

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A Little Gesture A Great Help ("ALG") is a new and fast growing small UK Charity focused on overseas aid to vulnerable children. ALG was set up by Sara Vicente as a Trust in 2011 following a local volunteering experience and the launch in 2004 of her Portuguese NGO Um Pequeno Gesto Uma Grande Ajuda (“UPG”). Both charities are focused on underprivileged children and their families living exclusively in the Province of Gaza, a highly impoverished area in southern Mozambique.

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